Summer Reading

The Summer Reading Program "Every Hero has a Story" has been "unmasked" at the Mechanicsburg Public Library. Look for fun things to do throughout the Library all summer beginning in June.  For more information, visit us at 60 South Main Street, Mechanicsburg, Ohio or call 937-834-2004. 



Worm Races

Here are the winning classes from the 2015 Worm Races: Kindergarten Winner: Mrs. Wagner with worm Security National Bank. 1st Grade Winner: Mrs. Riley with worm Flash. 2nd Grade Winner: Miss Brown with worm Lightning Bolts. 3rd Grade Winner: Mrs. Clark with worm Turbo Lightning. 4th Grade Winner: Mrs. Henry with worm Lightning. 5th Grade Winner: Mrs. Hayden with worm Usain Bolt. These classes will be coming to the library for finals on Tuesday May 26th. Good luck racers.


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