Strategic Plan

Mechanicsburg Public Library Strategic Plan
Adopted by the Mechanicsburg Public Library Board of Trustees December 2, 2021

Mission: The Mechanicsburg Public Library shall provide information in print and non-print formats, services, programs, and facilities to help meet the educational, recreational, informational, cultural, and literacy needs of all current and potential library users.  The library's collection shall reflect the accepted standards of literary quality as well as the current interests and tastes of the community.

Vision: Our vision is to be a center of community life by creating an environment where reading, lifelong learning and engagement thrive.

Mechanicsburg Public Library Service Responses:

SR 1 Community Resources and Services

Addresses the need for information related to services provided by community agencies and organizations.

Description: Residents will have a central source for information about the wide variety of programs, services, and activities provided by community agencies and organizations.

Goal 1.1: Increase awareness of Library services.

Objective 1.1.1: Promote Library materials, resources, services, and programs to the public.

Objective 1.1.2: Ensure employees are knowledgeable about using Library resources. Hold periodic staff meetings with in-house training. Encourage staff to attend online and offsite in-person training.

Objective 1.1.3: Evaluate the costs and benefits of new indoor signs and/or wireless smart display screens to direct and inform the public about Library collections, resources, services, and programs.

Objective 1.1.4: Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with organizations and businesses in the community to extend resources and maximize public service.

Goal 1.2: Strengthen relationships and communication channels with St. Paris Public Library and Champaign County Public Library for idea and program sharing.

Goal 1.3: Coordinate with community organizations and groups to collect information about availability of support services.

Objective 1.3.1: Assess needs of underserved community members and identify areas of service that align with Library mission.

Goal 1.4: Promote library events with local businesses, organizations, non-profits, and schools.

Objective 1.4.1: Increase exposure for public to information about events and services provided by the library.

SR 2 Places

Addresses the need of people to meet and interact with others in their community and to participate in public discourse about community issues.

Description: Residents will have safe and welcoming physical spaces to meet and interact with others or to sit quietly and read and will have open and accessible virtual spaces to support networking.

Goal 2.1: Improve space, accessibility and accommodations within the current Library building.

Objective 2.1.1: Work within the current physical space to improve furniture and collection layouts. Add wayfinding signage that helps patrons navigate the building and collections.

Objective 2.1.2: Allow for more space on shelves for new items by removing outdated, damaged, and unpopular materials. Make hidden collections more visible.

Objective 2.1.3: Manage furniture and equipment inventory. Remove unused furniture. Sort basement storage and investigate shelving options. Investigate software designed for inventories. Update inventory database.

Objective 2.1.4: Improve space for publicity. Make informational literature more accessible and noticeable.

Objective 2.1.5: Improve employee workflow.

Goal 2.2.: Continue to monitor and identify any library accessibility issues for patrons.

Objective 2.2.1: Update circulation desk to allow easier access for wheelchair users.

Objective 2.2.2: Investigate options for a rear entrance and expanded parking lot.

SR 3 Titles to Read, View, and Listen

Addresses the need for information about popular, cultural and social trends and supports a desire for satisfying recreational experiences.

Description: Patrons who want materials to enhance their leisure time will find what they want at the Mechanicsburg Library, through the Ohio Digital Library, or with Hoopla. Library Staff will assist patrons needing help with physical collections or electronic resources.

Goal 3.1: Increase access to print and digital books, videos, magazines and other circulating items.

Objective 3.1.1: Assess and evaluate costs and benefits of electronic resources to improve access to digital items.

Goal 3.1: Manage collections of materials.

Objective 3.2.1: Maintain collections of print and other physical format items for circulation or reference use.

Goal 3.3: Improve connectivity to Internet, software and digital resources.

Objective 3.3.1: Increase quality of connection and volume of access options.

SR 4 Information Literacy

Addresses the need for skills related to finding, evaluating, and using information effectively.  

Description:  Residents will know when they need information to resolve an issue or answer a question and will have the skills to search for, locate, evaluate, and effectively use information to meet their needs.

Goal 4.1: Provide support for students to improve their information and technology literacy skills.

Objective 4.1.1: Provide homework assistance/tutoring to students in print, digital, and face-to-face/in person formats.

Goal 4.2:  Provide support for adults to improve their information and technology literacy skills in order to meet their personal goals and fulfill their responsibilities as parents, citizens, and workers.

Objective 4.2.1: Provide resources and reference services, including technology training.

Source: Strategic Planning for Results by Sandra Nelson