Worm Races

Unfortunately the 27th  Annual W.W.O.R.M. (Worm World Organization of Racing, Mechanicsburg) Races for 2021 has been cancelled.  We look forward to hosting the 28th year in 2022! 

The Mechanicsburg Public Library has held worm races since 1994 to show how valuable earthworms are to the health of our planet and to promote sportsmanship and for the fun of it.  We emphasize that these seemingly lowliest of creatures do important work and usually goes unnoticed and unappreciated. The idea came from an old “Encyclopedia Brown” story, where the neighborhood boys concocted a worm race to pass the time during a lazy summer day.  We invite youth to write stories about the location of our races:  Wormtown, located in the Village of Mechanicsburg, Ohio.  Teams of humans help individual worms from all over the world prepare for and then race on the tracks at the Mechanicsburg Public Library and the Dohron Wilson Elementary School. The worms depend on the children to create a safe racing environment and all of us depend on worms to take care of our world. We encourage humane treatment of all participants, sportsmanship, and we request all guests and participants respect the racers by not mentioning bait, fishing, or birds.

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